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26 October 2022
What emulsions are?

Creams, or emulsions, are systems in which there is an oil phase and an aqueous phase. However, it is well known that it is impossible to mix water and oil because they tend to separate. So how do creams become homogenous? Thanks to emulsifiers!

To try to diminish the separation phenomenon, an emulsifier must be added that bridges the gap between the fatty and aqueous components, keeping them inter-dispersed; this is possible because emulsifiers are molecules that have a part akin to the aqueous component and a part akin to the oily component; this characteristic causes them to interpose themselves between the two naturally unmixable phases, keeping them cohesive and preventing separation.

Why emulsifiers are indispensable?

Emulsifiers are therefore indispensable for the stability of a cosmetic formulation containing aqueous and oily components and thus for the performance of the product itself.

In the Gen-Hyal laboratories, raw materials are carefully selected to meet the two fundamental criteria of the Essentiality philosophy: safety and efficacy. Only a few selected ingredients in maximised concentrations in order to offer safe, high-performance products.

We have chosen to use natural emulsifiers, such as lecithin, or naturally derived emulsifiers such as Sucrose Stearate, which comes from combining sucrose with a fatty acid, or Cetearyl Alcohol, which comes from combining fatty acids with glycerol. It is not unusual to find more than one emulsifier in the same formulation as it has been observed that the use of two different molecules, one more akin to the oily phase and the other more akin to the aqueous phase, make the emulsion more stable.

An essential choice for healthy skin.

All Gen-Hyal products are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

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