Gen-Hyal® Plus
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Gen-Hyal® Plus


Fluid serum based on 0.5% hyaluronic acid.

An incredibly low viscosity serum based on high concentration of hyaluronic acid. Daily ally and basic treatment for your cosmetic routine. Non-comedogenic. A NEVERMORE WITHOUT by Gen-Hyal!

Internal volume: 50 ml in an amber glass bottle with silver dispenser.


Gen-Hyal Plus is an anti-aging fluid serum dermatologically tested for sensitive skin with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

Non-greasy and with an extremely rapidly absorption rate, it is formulated with hyaluronic acid in a real concentration of 0.5% with a high molecular weight (1,700 kDa).

Thanks to the highly moisturizing action of the hyaluronic acid which also carries out an intense reconstruction activity of the skins’ natural protective barrier, it is excellent as a base for daily cosmetic treatment (night/day creams). Hyaluronic acid is in fact able to create a protective film against potential irritants, supporting the natural tissue regenerative process and giving the skin hydration and firmness. It prevents and counteracts the signs of aging by ensuring the right degree of hydration and carrying out a regenerating and refreshing action, essential for the skin.

The essential INCI makes it safe and effective even for the most sensitive skin.

The formula CONTAINS NO PERFUME and it is developed for all skin types.

Gen-Hyal Plus is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. It does not contain PEG, parabens, surfactants, synthetic oils, petrolatum, PPG, EDTA and silicones. NON-COMEDOGENIC serum.

Also excellent as a BOOSTER of every day cosmetic products: by adding a few drops of PLUS you can enrich your creams with pure Hyaluronic Acid. Used daily, even several times a day, it keeps the skin healthy, balanced and more compact.

It is one of the #nevermorewithout by Gen-Hyal.

Ingredients (INCI)

Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

How to use

Apply a single dose of PLUS to the cleansed face, including the lip-eye contour area. Gently Apply by massaging and let it dry completely.

It is advisable to use it before any daily cosmetic routine, on a clean and dry face, as a super-moisturizing and anti-aging base.

BOOSTER: added to the usual creams – serums, it enriches them with hyaluronic acid without weighing them down. Gently mix a dose of serum with the desired cream/serum.

OILY / COMBINATION / DRY SKIN: It is Ideal on its own for oily skins or combined with a nourishing cream for drier or combination skins. NON-COMEDOGENIC.

POST WAXING: apply a thin layer of PLUS after waxing (even in the most sensitive areas) to help the tissues in their natural repair process. Eventually consider completing the skin routine with the application of a few drops of Gen-Hyal Extreme, soothing serum.

HANDPIECES GEL for aesthetic machines: thanks to its fluidity, it favours the smoothness of the handles of aesthetic machinery, facilitating their treatment and offering greater performance with an effective and safe product.


Organoleptic characteristics

The serum has a liquid and transparent texture, completely odourless and colourless.

It does not contain perfume and has a good spread ability.

Not greasy, it absorbs quickly.