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Research, Innovation, Essentiality

Gen-Hyal® is the line of skincare products created by PriGen, an Italian company founded in 2003 by a group of scientists expert in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology.

Over the last few years Prigen has participated in numerous public research calls financed with the involvement of the European Community and National public agencies, successfully carrying out numerous research projects in partnership with the CNR, the Universities of Milan, Naples and Cagliari and with different companies leader in the pharmaceutical field.

The company also carries out consultancy activities relating to the transfer of technologies and offers contract research services.

For years engaged in research and development projects in the various sectors of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, molecular diagnostics and dermocosmetics, Prigen researchers have developed and patented a new technology for the controlled release of active ingredients in the biomedical field: the GLYCEROSOMIAL TECHNOLOGY.

Thanks to the application of this innovative technology, our researchers are now able to develop topical formulations capable of:

  • increase skin permeation of active ingredients
  • protect the active ingredient within the formulation
  • eliminate or reduce the use of surfactants and fatty substances.

Studies have so far conducted on this technology patented by Prigen, showing that its use boosts the action of the active ingredients 3 to 5 times compared to formulations that do not contain it. Source: Int J Pharm 455 (2013) 66-74

PriGen has obtained the Italian Patent n. 0001398268 and the International Application No. PCT / EP2010 / 001428.

In 2007 Prigen develops GEN-HYAL® skincare: a dermocosmetic line whose main prerogative is to offer formulations for topical dermatological use of a high formulation level based on high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and active ingredients and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Hence the concept of ESSENTIALITY.

Thanks also to the innovative Glycerosomal Technology, unprecedented results are achieved in the development of topical formulations.

The dermocosmetic line contains and concretizes the concept of an innovative, technological and essential formula, in accordance with a real corporate mission in the field of topical formulation.

PriGen deals with research, development, production and marketing projects in the sectors of:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medicines and medical devices
  • Topical formulations
  • Dermocosmetic products

In the biomedicine sector it offers different types of services, such as:

  • Development of in vitro and in vivo experimental models in the fields of immunology and oncology
  • Instrumental and biological analyzes
  • Preparation of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for R&D, diagnostic and therapeutic uses
  • Studies of pharmaceutical formulations for both parenteral and topical administration.
dermatologically tested on sensitive skin


Our mission is to prevent and counteract the effects of aging, supporting and improving the health of the skin, thanks to the development of essential and non-aggressive formulations, able to offer the correct supply of active ingredients on a daily basis, minimizing the use of potential allergenic agents.


Our research is based on 4 fundamental principles:


The formulations are developed to offer maximum effectiveness by reducing the risk of possible allergenic effects. All the products are in fact characterized by the absence of allergenic ingredients such as Parabens, PEG, EDTA, synthetic oils, paraffin and silicones. They are all DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN.

Anti-aging efficacy

PriGen products are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients in pure form combined with active ingredients of natural origin to prevent and counteract the signs of natural and environmental aging. Thanks to highly effective formulas and innovative technology resulting from our research, unprecedented results are achieved in the development of topical formulations.

Quality of the production process

The formulations are developed for topical-dermatological use and the production process follows the GMP standards for which they are certified. The selection and concentration of the active ingredients used are controlled to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The Glycerosomal Technology

The use of this technology is highly innovative and protected by a PATENT. The formulations that are based on this technology are able to guarantee an excellent level of skin stability and biocompatibility, while promoting its efficacy and safety.