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Do you want to try all the products of the Gen-Hyal skincare line at your home? Order it now!

What the KIT contains: 3 samples of 2ml for each product. In total 36 ml of products.


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Looking for a skincare kit? Gen-Hyal® ESSENTIAL KIT is the one for you!
What does the Gen-Hyal® ESSENTIAL KIT contain?

The Gen-Hyal ESSENTIAL KIT is a trial kit containing 3 sachets/cad. in single-dose format of Gen-Hyal:

A total of 42ml of Gen-Hyal product.

Our kit offers you the opportunity to try all the products of the Gen-Hyal® line in one purchase: you will receive it directly to your home without additional shipping costs.

Who is it suitable for?

Gen-Hyal Essential Kit is suitable for those who are approaching our cosmetic line for the first time, but are curious to try the products and evaluate their effectiveness.

Buy it now to have your new skincare routine at your fingertips.

What’s more, the sachets allow you to take the products with you on your travels without any hassle and so you don’t have to abandon your good habits even on holiday: because your skincare routine is always important!

The kit is at a super bargain price and we recommend you don’t miss out on this opportunity 🙂 🙂

Our products

Gen-Hyal Essential is a true skincare kit, as it contains all the products to best embody Gen-Hyal’s mission: to prevent and counteract the effects of ageing, while supporting and improving the health of the skin, thanks to the development of essential and non-aggressive formulations, able to offer the correct amount of active ingredients on a daily basis, reducing the use of potential allergens to a minimum.

Gen-Hyal products are based on five fundamental principles:

  1. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin: our products are designed to meet the needs of sensitive skin by offering high concentrations of active ingredient.
  2. Formulations with an essential INCI: only a few ingredients for an immediate effect.
  3. Essentiality: no parabens, silicones, alkol, PEG, EDTA, DYES, SLES.
  4. Research, quality and safety: Gen-Hyal formulations are based on a scientific approach, therefore linked to research, personal and environmental safety and the promise to create quality products.
  5. Patented glycerosome technology: this is a patented Prigen technology, through which three Gen-Hyal products (EYES, URBAN and Plus) have been developed.


Gen-Hyal ESSENTIAL Kit contains 6 products and gives you the chance to try all the Gen-Hyal products in a shot. Try them all!

ALL IN ONE in a single purchase. The very ESSENTIAL kit by Gen-Hyal. Try them all now!