Dermatologicamente testati per pelli sensibili

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

13 July 2020

Gen-Hyal products are recommended for all subjects with low skin tolerability and subject to irritation and adverse dermatological reactions.

All the formulations of the Gen-Hyal® line are studied and developed within the Prigen research laboratories to offer efficacy and safety in high quality dermocosmetic products and are, in fact, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin (PATCH TEST for sensitive skin) by independent laboratories that have conducted tests on healthy volunteers with sensitive skin.

The evaluations of the tests are aimed at producing a study on the skin tolerability of each single product of the Gen-Hyal line with results that certify the percentage of tolerability found on subjects with sensitive skin, subjected to the test and therefore the degree of safety in use on delicate and intolerant skin.

The test result reports the following:

“The product under examination, applied “AS IT IS” in occlusive conditions to the healthy skin of 20 volunteers, obtained an average irritation index equal to:

0.00 after 30 minutes of removing the patch (24 hours after applying the product)

0.00 after 24 hours of removing the patch (48 hours after applying the product) ”

The product can therefore be classified as NON-IRRITANT.

The test was applied to volunteers with sensitive skin, aged between 31 and 60 years. Both male and female.

They are used by aesthetic doctors and dermatologists in total safety to support even the most invasive aesthetic treatments, guaranteeing an effective adjuvant to therapies both for clinical practice and for the continuation of therapy at home.

Dermatologically Tested

All Gen-Hyal® products are dermatologically tested for SENSITIVE SKIN.

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