Essential Skin care

Innovative serums and scientific research

The concept of ESSENTIALITY

Gen-Hyal® is a dermocosmetic line that bases its research on the desire to offer formulations suitable even for the most sensitive skin and which contribute substantially to improving skin health.

Thus, the concept of ESSENTIALITY was born over the years: the development of innovative formulas in their absolute simplicity. The Gen-Hyal formulations are, in fact, all characterized by:

  • An INCI ingredient list consisting only of active ingredients
  • Absence of potentially allergenic ingredients such as PEG or EDTA
  • Very few ingredients in maximized concentrations in order to obtain simple but highly performing INCI
  • Very careful selection of the raw materials
  • “SAY NO” to aggressive viscosifiers or emulsifiers
  • High concentration of pure Hyaluronic Acid.

Essentiality is a mission that passes first of all from formulation research, through a very targeted selection of the raw material, used in pure form and in very high concentration.

The principles underlying the GEN-HYAL® dermocosmetic line:

Our mission is to prevent and counteract the effects of aging, supporting and improving the health of the skin, thanks to the development of essential and non-aggressive formulations, able to offer the correct supply of active ingredients on a daily basis, minimizing the use of potential allergenic agents.

Our research is based on 4 fundamental principles:

Patented Glycerosomal Technology

Thanks to the innovative Glycerosomal Technology, unprecedented results are achieved in the development of topical formulations. Glycerosomes are completely biocompatible structures made up of Soy Lecithin, capable of protecting the active ingredients and promoting their action. This liposome-like technology intensifies the action of active ingredients 3 to 5 times compared to formulations that do not have them.

Some of the formulations of the Gen-Hyal® line are based on this technology, which embodies and concretizes the concept of ESSENTIALITY: an innovative formula, technology and safety, in accordance with a real corporate mission in the topical formulation sector.

Essential INCI

The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is an international system used for listing the different ingredients on the label of a cosmetic product. INCI ingredient list is conventionally compiled in decreasing order, with the ingredient contained in the highest percentage placed first, followed by all the other ingredients down to the one present in the lowest percentage. 

In Gen-Hyal® formulations, Hyaluronic Acid and active ingredients are always contained in a high percentage and are therefore among the first places in the list of ingredients, followed only by the essential components for the stability and safety of the formulation (preservatives).

Biocompatibility and safety

The formulations are designed to offer maximum effectiveness by minimizing the risk of possible allergenic effects.

Gen-Hyal® formulations do not irritate, are not aggressive and use a technology based on GLYCEROSOMES, biocompatible structures composed of glycerin and soy lecithin.

At the base of all Gen-Hyal formulas there is HYALURONIC ACID, a 100% biocompatible molecule because it is naturally produced by our body.

For highly sensitive skins

The formulations are developed for topical use and are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

Some formulations are also developed without the use of perfume, to further reduce the allergenic risk. They do not contain PEG, EDTA, Parabens, Silicones, Formaldehyde and perfume allergens such as geraniol, linalool, limonene, etc.

The selection of raw materials is in fact the flagship of each Gen-Hyal formulation.