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Honey in cosmetics

Honey in cosmetics

25 October 2022

Since ancient times, honey has been an essential element in the life of human beings. It has been and still is highly valued not only for its soothing and energising properties but also for its medical and cosmetics virtues. Here we are going to talk about the properties of honey in cosmetics.

Honey is the product of the processing carried out by bees on nectar and honeydew. The nectar and honeydew are collected (bottinati), processed, dehydrated and stored in the honeycomb. Honey is used as nectar by bees during periods when there is no nectar importation, such as during the winter season or between major flowerings. The composition of nectars varies according to the plants that produce them. However, they are all mainly composed of carbohydrates, such as sucrose, glucose and fructose, and water. In addition to its well-known food uses, honey has always been used in skin care and there is evidence of its cosmetic use since the Ancient Egyptians.

What are the characteristics that make honey such a high-performance ingredient in cosmetics?

The high concentration of sugars makes this raw material a humectant, as they are able to bind water molecules and retain them in the skin. In addition to being a humectant, it is also an emollient capable of making the skin soft and supple. The moisturising and nourishing effect of honey makes it the ideal ingredient for cosmetic products indicated for very dry and dehydrated skin. Like many other raw materials of natural origin, honey also contains a high amount of antioxidants that counteract the action of free radicals.

Finally, it is an ideal ally in the treatment of acne thanks to its recognised antimicrobial properties due to its high osmolarity, low pH values, and the presence of hydrogen peroxide and defensin-1 (an antibacterial peptide).

Honey is the first ingredient in Gen-Hyal Bioactive Lip Care precisely because it contributes to making this lip balm the ideal ally for lips in every season.

Long-lasting and strongly nourishing, it is a #makeup for your daily cosmetic routine.

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