The caffeine

26 October 2022
Caffeine: natural stimulant and drainer.

Caffeine is an alkaloid substance that belongs to a group of soluble lipids naturally found in coffee, cocoa, tea and cola plants. Although it is believed however that caffeine and theine are two different molecules, they are actually chemically the same molecule, simply discovered by two different scientists in different places and at different times.
The former was isolated from coffee beans by a German chemist in 1819 while in 1837 another scientist, extracted the same molecule from tea and called it theine. Only later, in the late 19th century, was it discovered that they were actually chemically the same thing.

Used in topical formulations such as creams, gels and serums, it has an interesting draining and vasodilating action, reactivating the microcirculation and thus inhibiting fat stagnation. This action is indispensable in the treatment of cellulite blemishes, helping to reduce the annoying “orange peel” effect. Cellulite is a complex disorder due to improper functioning of the microcirculation and lymphatic system. Caffeine is able to interact at the cellular level with the mechanisms that regulate the size of adipocytes, i.e., the cells in which fat is deposited, and stimulates drainage of the lymphatic system.

Its action on microcirculation, also makes caffeine an active ingredient for eye contour products as it reduces puffiness of bags and dark circles.

This active ingredient has a high capacity to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, a capacity significantly increased as caffeine is enclosed in vesicular systems such as glycosomes and liposomes.

For this very reason, Prigen researchers decided to include this valuable ingredient within one of the products of the Gen-Hyal line.
Gen-Hyal EYES: is the eye contour serum with plant actives with a strong draining and smoothing action, based on Hyaluronic Acid (2%).

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